Playground SDK

Playground SDK 5.0

It provides all the technology you need to develop high quality casual games
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PlayFirst, Inc.

Playground SDK provides all the technology you need to develop high quality casual games.
- Easy-to-use, Developer Friendly API
The Playground SDK is designed to make your life easier, to work the way you expect, and to provide all the features you need with minimal complexity.
- Feature-Rich
The Playground SDK™ supports hardware accelerated 2d animated sprites, background streaming of assets, dynamic texture atlas generation, 3d models, arbitrary 2d and 3d polygonal data, Flash cut scenes, sound effects, music, programmable particle systems, customizable GUI widgets, scalable fonts, text effects, game metrics collection, and more.
- Lua Script Support
The popular, fast, and compact Lua script language is integrated with support for trivially binding C functions. Lua is also used as a dialog and screen layout language, and you can embed GUI functionality directly in the screen layout files. Debugging is now supported using the Decoda Lua debugger.
- Universal Deployment with True Cross-Platform Reliability
Run your game on Windows (DirectX 9 support) and Macintosh.
- Powerful Localization
The Playground SDK provides strong cross-platform localization capabilities. Once your game is ready in English on Windows, change out a couple files and you'll have Japanese on the Mac and French on the Web with no additional effort. Support for arbitrary cross-platform scalable vector fonts (use all the fonts you want!) and a UNICODE XML spreadsheet for strings makes it easy.
- Compact Runtime
The overhead of the Playground SDK is under a megabyte compressed, and a typical complete game executable for a game like Diner Dash: Flo on the Go compresses to about 1.2Mb, so you can spend your size budget on great graphics, sound and music!
- Documentation and Community Support

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